Scientists have been implanting Great Lakes fish with transmitters and, like the GPS on a car, have been tracking fish movement through a network of receivers placed at the bottom of the lakes.

GLATOS is a network of researchers who work collaboratively using acoustic telemetry to:

  • The GLATOS R Manual (v.2) and a link to the R package are available for GLATOS Members in the Data Portal, Tools. The GLATOS logo image files may be downloaded from the Data Portal/Documents Archive.
  • GLATOS Members Jill Brooks, Jon Midwood, and Andrew Rous @Carleton and DFO are chairing the Biotelemetry session at this year’s IAGLR at Scarborough and would love to see you there! The deadline for abstract submission is in 2 weeks (the 19th of January). The details can be found at the link and please feel free to share with colleagues. 2018 IAGLR Biotelemetry Session Looking forward to seeing you all next month in Ann Arbor!