CAWS Asian Carp Telemetry
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Asian Carp Monitoring and Rapid Response Plan for the CAWS - Telemetry Study
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January 2011 - December 2016
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This project examines the behavior and responses of fishes to the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal Electric Dispersal Barriers in Romeoville, Ill., approximately 25 miles from Lake Michigan. The Barriers deter the inter-basin establishment of Asian carp and other aquatic invasive species via pulsing electricity through the man-made canal that connects the Illinois River with Lake Michigan. Telemetry allows researchers to assess the efficacy of the Barriers to deter fish passage and provides additional information on lock passage in the preceding pools leading up to the Barriers. The potential expansion of Asian carp, specifically bighead and silver, through the Illinois River, Des Plaines River and Chicago Area Waterway System is one risk facing the Great Lakes today. Adult populations and potential spawning of these fishes are currently located approximately 60 miles downstream from Lake Michigan. Telemetry also allows researchers to investigate the movement patterns of individuals at that leading edge of the invasion front.
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