Eastern Lake Erie Data Deficient Fishes
Project Title
Movements of data-poor fishes in eastern Lake Erie
Project Code
Project Duration
April 2018 - January 2021
Project Description
Channel Catfish, Steelhead, and Brown Trout represent subordinate fisheries for which little to no data on in-lake movement or occupancy exists in Lake Erie. Because of this knowledge gap, managers do not know the extent to which these stocks represent shared resources among jurisdictions. We have tagged a limited number of each of these species using recycled tags to try to inform these knowledge gaps. This pilot project is designed to provide baseline information on general movement patterns and spawning site fidelity for these species. In addition, this work will determine the feasibility of an acoustic telemetry approach for answering these questions and determine if a larger scale project is warranted. This project will be accomplished via the existing GLATOS receiver network.
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