Eastern Lake Superior Walleye Movement
Project Title
Determining Goulais and Batchawana river spawning walleye movements and mixing in eastern Lake Superior and surrounding bays.
Project Code
Project Duration
May 2022 - October 2026
Project Description
This joint project between Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (DFO-GLLFAS) and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s Upper Great Lakes Management Unit (OMNRF-UGLMU), is designed to shed light on the movement patterns within and between suitable spawning and seasonal habitats of adult Walleye throughout eastern Lake Superior. Adult Walleye will be collected and tagged during the spring spawning runs in Goulais and Batchawana rivers. Currently, little is known of Walleye habitats or home ranges in eastern Lake Superior, due to the difficulty surveying such a large area (approx. 700 km2). The current acoustic telemetry array (LSELS) provides the opportunity to track Walleye over an expansive area, and the information may be used to inform future conservation and management decisions in eastern Lake Superior..
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