Icebreaker Wind Fish Behavior Study
Project Title
Track fish near offshore wind pilot project.
Project Code
Project Duration
October 2016 - October 2021
Project Description
Acoustic telemetry will be used to determine whether installation of the turbines and submerged inter-array and export electric transmission cables could affect fish behavior during and post-construction. Icebreaker Windpower supported the installation of a local array of hydrophone receivers near the proposed project site and transmission line. The receiver array was designed to have two parallel rows of hydrophones (26 total). This configuration was designed to monitor the behavior of tagged fish in and around the proposed turbine site and proposed transmission line with sufficient density to capture fish moving through the turbine and transmission sites. This array configuration minimizes monitoring gaps within the study area and the double line of receivers array provides a better understanding of individual fish track as it moves from one side of the project site to the other.
Participating Organizations