Lake Erie Yellow Perch Array
Project Title
Post-release survival and detection frequency of acoustically tagged Yellow Perch in Lake Erie
Project Code
Project Duration
October 2022 - May 2025
Project Description
Yellow Perch [Perca flavescens] is a critical component to Lake Erie’s ecosystem and regional economy; however, a general lack of knowledge exists on seasonal distributions and movements in Lake Erie. Basic understanding of spatial ecology is critical to the development and communication of sustainable management practices. The Lake Erie Committee (see LEC support letter) is interested in developing a large-scale multi-year telemetry study for Lake Erie Yellow Perch, leveraging the existing GLATOS receiver array, to better understand seasonal spatial ecology. Prior to development of a broader study, researchers must determine expected post-release survival of fish implanted with acoustic telemetry tags as well as the average detection rates and quantity/quality of data returned per fish. This information will help inform sample sizes (i.e., number of tagged fish) and receiver array configuration (i.e., grid spacing) required to develop a future large-scale multi-year study with reasonable expectation of success. We've recently expanded this study into the Central Basin to evaluate the impact of barotrauma on fish survival.
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