Lake Ontario Interbasin Movement
Project Title
Receivers deployed to understand interbasin directional movement of various species
Project Code
Project Duration
August 2018 - September 2030
Project Description
Twenty-nine 69 kHz receivers oriented in two parallel lines running from shore to 100m to assess directional movement of fishes from eastern to central Lake Ontario. Array incorporates four V9 alternating power 69 kHz sentinel tags. In 2020, with support from RAEON, 16 additional 69 kHz receivers were added in Canadian waters south of Prince Edward County (7.5 km square grid). In 2021, with support from GLATOS, 30 additional 69 kHz receivers were added in Canadian and US waters in the central portion of Lake Ontario and north of Oswego (15 km square grid). Two VR4 69/180 kHz dual frequency long-term deployment receivers (supplied by RAEON) were deployed along the east end of the Canada-US border north of Oswego. These receivers will be serviced annually during glider missions.
Participating Organizations