Lake Sturgeon In Western Lake Superior
Project Title
Tracking of Juvenile Lake Sturgeon Movements in Western Lake Superior Bays
Project Code
Project Duration
April 2015 - December 2025
Project Description
Our study will examine the movement and habitat use of Lake Sturgeon in western Lake Superior over relevant spatial and temporal timescales to address a number of management objectives. We are interested in assessing questions around reproduction (confirming spawners in historic spawning rivers and number of spawning locations, determine spawning periodicity , assessing natal philopatry), providing advice for determining critical habitat (quantifying feeding, spawning and overwintering movements and habitats, determining home range, and identifying depth and thermal habitat preferences), and population structure (quantifying spatial overlap of different spawning populations in the lake). These questions will be addressed by implanting Lake Sturgeon with 10-yr tags, and having an acoustic array placed in strategic locations throughout Black Bay.
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