Menominee River Smallmouth Bass and Walleye
Project Title
Movements of smallmouth bass and walleye in lower Menominee River and Green Bay
Project Code
Project Duration
September 2020 - May 2023
Project Description
Smallmouth Bass and Walleye are important fish species in the lower Menominee River and Green Bay. They are desired species for Wisconsin and Michigan anglers. Lower Menominee river is highly industrialized with frequent construction projects adjacent to the shoreline and in water. Construction activity can cause sound disturbance and plumes of sediment in the river. The effects may cause fish to avoid this sections of the river adjacent to construction activity. Several acoustic receivers are deployed in the lower Menominee river including one at Strawberry Island, within 200 feet of a known construction site. This project will determine or document possible avoidance to a known construction site. In addition, tagged smallmouth bass and walleye seasonal movements in the Menominee River and Green Bay will be determined through several existing receivers deployed for other studies involving lake whitefish and lake sturgeon.
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