Nipigon Bay Walleye Acoustic Telemetry
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Nipigon Bay Walleye Acoustic Telemetry
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Project Duration
June 2023 - June 2028
Project Description
Walleye (Sander vitreus) are a culturally, ecologically and economically important native species in Ontario. Leading up to the mid 1900’s, Walleye populations in the Canadian waters of Lake Superior were being commercially overfished and their habitats were simultaneously being degraded. Walleye rehabilitation efforts have been undertaken in many areas along the North Shore of Lake Superior since the early 1970’s to restore Walleye populations to historic levels. Walleye are currently protected from recreational and commercial harvest in Nipigon Bay in an attempt to help rehabilitate the stock. However, habitat use of these fish and whether they remain inside the sanctuary year-round is not known.
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