Oneida Lake Walleye
Project Title
Oneida Lake Walleye Telemetry Pilot Study
Project Code
Project Duration
August 2023 - July 2027
Project Description
In August, 2023, 64 Vemco VR2AR receivers were deployed throughout Oneida Lake and 5 major tributaries. In October 2023, 100 adult walleyes 400 mm or larger were collected from inshore areas around Oneida Lake by electrofishing. Each fish was implanted with a Vemco V13 coded transmitter and immediately released. In spring of 2024, 100 adult walleyes (50 males and 50 females) collected for egg take procedures at the hatchery were implanted with V13 transmitters and then immediately released into Scriba Creek. Movements of tagged fish will be monitored for the duration of the tag’s 3-year battery life or until the fish is harvested or otherwise dies. Receivers will be deployed year-round, which will allow tracking of the movements and distributions of adult walleyes throughout the year. GIS will be used to describe seasonal walleye habitat use, including spawning sites, and identify any patterns in movement throughout the lake and year. The first data download from receivers and redeployment will take place in summer 2024. Fall tagging was completed by mid October. By mid November, anglers had returned 6 tags from harvested walleyes. This study will provide minimum exploitation rates that will compliment rates derived from annual creel surveys.
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