St. Regis River Sturgeon
Project Title
Lake Sturgeon passage and identification of spawning areas in the St. Regis River
Project Code
Project Duration
June 2021 - November 2023
Project Description
Lake Sturgeon is a Mohawk cultural use species, and even though a protected species in New York waters, it is harvested for consumption in Mohawk waters. For conservation and harvest reasons, there is interest by the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe to better understand if Lake Sturgeon spawn in the St. Regis River to enhance their populations in Mohawk waters. In 2016, the Hogansburg Dam on the St. Regis River, the former upstream boundary of the St. Lawrence River Area of Concern at Massena, was removed. This has helped restore access to 555 miles of stream habitat that had been previously impassable on the St. Regis River. With the removal of the Hogansburg Dam and stocked sturgeon population approaching reproducing maturity, an acoustic telemetry assessment will better aid resource agencies to determine if spawning behavior is occurring in or upstream of the AOC.
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