Toronto Harbor Fish Habitat Assessment
Project Title
A community-level approach to assessing fish movements and habitat restoration in the Toronto Harbour
Project Code
Project Duration
June 2010 - June 2020
Project Description
Great Lakes coastal embayments provide critical habitats for warmwater fishes, yet many have experienced severe habitat degradation. Millions of dollars are being spent on habitat restoration, yet biotic responses are poorly understood. An acoustic telemetry study is currently underway in Toronto Harbour, examining responses to habitat restoration by key warmwater (Largemouth Bass) and coolwater (Northern Pike, Walleye) predators, invasive species (Common Carp), and other members of the fish community (Yellow Perch, White Sucker, Brown Bullhead). This study monitors broad-scale movements throughout the harbour and will collect fine-scale positioning data in key habitats in all seasons, including winter. By monitoring habitat changes associated with rehabilitation efforts and habitat selection over time, we will improve understanding of recovery lag times and the effectiveness of different habitat modifications, which can inform future habitat rehabilitation decisions.
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