Did you catch a tagged fish or find a tag?
Tags of all kinds in combination with the location of fish capture if available contain important information for researchers studying fish behavior and movement. Some tags even have rewards if returned! Be sure to call the phone number on the internal or external tag, if present. If no phone number is present contact the Hammond Bay Biological Station at 989-734-4768 for more information.

What type of tag is it?
Common tags used in the Great Lakes basin include external tags, internal tags, and jaw tags.
External “floy” tags are inserted along the spine, often at the base of a dorsal fin and contain a unique code number with instructions for reporting and returning.
Internal tags are electronic transmitters and may contain important data with a if returned. Please DO NOT FREEZE and handle with care! If you haven't done so already, immediately remove the internal transmitters from the fish and rinse with water. Store the transmitter at room temperature. Contact the Hammond Bay Biological Station at 989-734-4768 for how to return the tag. You may keep the fish!

Note: Rewards are offered for the INTERNAL tags only!
Jaw tags are metal tags attached to the jaw of the fish. Fish caught with a jaw tag should be reported by contacting the Michigan DNR or the Ohio DNR

Photo Credit: David Kenyon, Michigan DNR
Michigan DNR link: http://www.michigandnr.com/taggedfish/tags
Ohio DNR link: http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/fishing/report-a-tagged-fish